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If you would like to donate camp scholarships to help cover part of the cost for an E91 student to attend CIY (Christ in Youth) Camp this summer, you can choose from one of the following options.

Every Dollar helps: $5.00

Cover a meal: $10.00

Cover a day: $70.00

Cover a week: $350.00

CIY Move - High school 6/18-6/23

CIY Mix - Middle School 7/9-7/13

Attendee Types

  • $5 – Every dollar helps.
  • $10 – Pay for a meal
  • $70 – Pay for a day of camp
  • $350 – Pay for a student's week of camp
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Help a Student attend Christ in Youth camp

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  • Mar 21
    8:00 am
    Jul 8
    8:00 am